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What I'm running for...

I’m interested in three big ideas for Vancouver Public Schools. They are the three ways I want to enact change and the goals I have as a board member.

Lisa Messer

1st: Adopt policies and a budget that reflect the changing values and priorities of our community.

In order to do this the board is going to have to listen to our community, our parents, our students and our employers. I’m interested in setting up listening sessions or town hall meetings with the board and the community to get honest and open feedback from all community members.

2nd: Honor and respect the hard work of our educators.

To do this the board needs to listen to our educators and respect their requests and advice. When teachers say that curriculum or assessments aren’t working we need to listen. When bus drivers say they need help on the buses we need to listen to them. When our counselors say our students need more support we need to listen to them.

3rd: Develop a deep understanding of all our students and families to meet their needs.

This means meeting the basic needs of our students (food, shelter, clothes) as well as development needs (from social skills to job skills). In order to do this we need to be listening to our community; which brings us back to town halls or listening sessions.

If these seem like goals you can get behind I encourage you to vote for me for Vancouver School Board Position Number 4. Thank you!

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