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What does a School Board Even Do?

The responsibilities of a School Board falls into 5 main categories:

1) Policies and Goals

2) Budget

3) Staffing

4) Allocation of Time

5) Community Communication

These 5 areas all work together. The policies and goals guide the budget. The budget dictates the allocation of time and the amount of staff. The goals and budget guide where to place staff.

Lastly community communication ties all these together. We can only set policies and goals that fit the needs of our community if the school board is listening to all community members. As a parent I've experienced the lack of honest two-way communication between our community and Vancouver Schools. We need to fix this.

My three goals are:

A) Set policies and a budget that reflect the changing priorities and values of our community.

B) Honor and respect the hard work of all our educators.

C) Develop a deep understanding of all our students and families to meet their needs.

I can only meet these goals if I am talking and listening to our community members - all of our community members.

Lisa Messer for Vancouver School Board

I hope you'll elect me to meet these goals.

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