West Side Neighborhood Coalition: 

"Lisa is experienced in the classroom, and has an eye on moving the schools into the future providing students with a firm foundation in an ever-changing landscape. She wants a board that is accountable, and favors an equitable approach to funding."


Columbian Editorial -

July 16th 2019

"Messer is an articulate candidate who has a clear grasp of the issues facing the district."

"She demonstrates a strong understanding of district budgets and the needs of teachers as well as students and administrators."

Personal Endorsements

Wendy Smith - Current VPS Board Member

"Lisa Messer’s intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity make her the perfect candidate for the Vancouver School Board. I have known Lisa for many years: she is a favorite of students, esteemed by colleagues, and an excellent representative of families in the district. As a high school science teacher and the parent of two young children, she knows first-hand what schools need in order to best serve all of our students. Lisa is a strong advocate for students and champion for our schools. She will be a true asset to the board of Vancouver Public Schools.

Kathy Gillespie - Former VPS Board Member

I am really pleased to support science and engineering educator Lisa Messer in her bid to win a seat on the Vancouver School District Board of Directors. Lisa has a broad view of educating the whole child – something we desperately need to focus on in our public schools – and she also specializes in what is known as STEM education - science, technology, engineering and math.  This counts because Vancouver has a long way to go in closing achievement gaps among all students in these important areas. Lisa’s professional expertise will bring a new dimension to the governance team informing her work, helping to guide our programs and spending, ensuring that taxpayers’ return on their investment is strong and that our students are prepared to enter a new, dynamic workplace with the skills needed to seize opportunities and succeed.

Adam Aguilera - Community Activist

"I’ve worked with Lisa Messer at Heritage High School. As a science teacher, she’s a no nonsense, analytical educator that cares about the community’s students she’s taught."

Don Olson - ACLU People Power Member

"Her teaching experience and knowledge of the changing nature of the public schools indicate to me that she will be a significant addition to the board.."

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