About Lisa
I am the mother of two students in Vancouver Public Schools.  My son and daughter are in 2nd and 3rd at P. S. Ogden elementary.  Through them I see the great work being done by our teachers and educators every day in our neighborhood schools. 
I have 15 years of experience teaching in public schools and I currently teach science and engineering at Heritage high school.  Through this work I see how the decisions made at a district level influence our classrooms and the success of our students.  
I am a proud union member for EEA.  Through union leadership roles I have worked extensivly to advocate for resources to help our teachers be the best for our students.  
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Every Saturday at 1PM

14300 NE 20th Ave

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Door Knocking to Get out the Vote!
October 26th, 9-12
Meet at 2212 NE Andresen 
Sign Waving to Get out the Vote!
November 4th
@4PM at Evergreen Blvd over I-5
General Election: November 5th

My Goals

 1. Adopt policies and a budget that reflect the changing priorities and values of our community. 
     - Encourage public input during board meetings.
     - Establish listening sessions and townhalls for public
2. Honor and respect the hard work of our educators.
     -Ensure they have to necessary tools for the work they do.
     -Cooperate with our educators to ensure the safety and
       wellbeing of students and educators. 
3. Develop a deep understanding of all our students and families to meet their needs. 
     -Establish racial equity teams that cooperate with 
       families and community members to find solutions that 
       work in our community. 
     - Establish listening sessions and townhalls for public input.
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